Monday, December 17, 2007

Always a Class Act

Tonya Harding is not exactly "America's Sweetheart," so I guess I shouldn't be surprised by the content on her official Web site. It begins innocuously with the usual bio, photos, movies, and links. There is even a movie of Harding thanking her fans for their support and for visiting her official site (which is why I think it's legit). But there's more.

What is "Fantasy"? Is it about her dreams of winning the Olympics? Oh no, it's fan fantasy, mostly about having sex with her. You won't find that sort of thing on Sasha Cohen's official site. There are 63 pages -- over 3,300 detailed, X-rated fantasies, some more graphic than Penthouse Letters. I can go for erotic fantasies like any other red-blooded American male (though I'd prefer Cohen over Harding), but isn't it unsettling -- or downright creepy -- to have them on one's official site? Outside the world of porn, I've never seen a woman encourage the Internet's one-handed typists. Maybe I'm just jealous that I never get fantasy letters from my readers.

I think the most amusing pages are the 800+ rejected fantasies. First of all, it's funny that these fantasies are "rejected" but still published regardless. Several reasons are given for rejecting these fantasies, and no, lewdness is not one of them. But "The message was poorly written, poor punctuation, grammar, spelling, etc." is. After reading a few of the accepted fantasies, I presume that this standard is quite lenient.

Hat tip to for pointing to the fantasy pages.

UPDATE - In a coincidence reminiscent of last month's post about Charmin coming right before I learned that Dick "Mr. Whipple" Wilson had died, I found out just hours after posting this that Tonya Harding's former bodyguard, who was involved in the attack on Nancy Kerrigan, died Wednesday. Comments from Chicago Tribune readers are not charitable, to say the least.

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