Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lyrics of the Day

Bruce Cockburn week continues...

"Dust And Diesel" is a Stealing Fire song inspired by Cockburn's experiences in Nicaragua. He tells a vivid tale about traveling the Interamerican Highway:

Headlights pick out fallen sack of corn
One lone tarantula standing guard
We pull up and stop and she ambles off
Discretion much the better part of cars
Rodrigo the government driver jumps out
He's got chickens who can use the feed
We sweep the asphalt on our hands and knees
Fill up his trunk with dusty yellow seeds

Dust and diesel
Rise like incense from the road
Smoke of offering
For the revolution morning
I love the imagery in this song -- the corn and the spider. Another verse describes a "Smiling girl directing traffic flow/.45 strapped over cotton print dress."

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