Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Finally, Something Goes Right

As I wrote in the water heater saga, home improvement projects in our house rarely go smoothly. And discovering graffiti on our garage door put me in an even sourer mood yesterday. Fortunately, yesterday's tuckpointing job went better than I could have imagined.

The last time we had tuckpointing done, I was not particularly impressed with the results. Plus, they sent out only one or two guys for a few hours every couple of days, so it took forever. With so many other contractors out there, I wouldn't hire them again. Instead, we hired Arrow Masonry and Exteriors based on a friend's recommendation. She was so adamant about their quality that I didn't even bother to get multiple bids.

Arrow actually gave us a bid last September. Since much of the brick damage was from leaky gutters, however, it made sense to repair/replace those first. Like many home projects, the gutter job languished for several months before I finally hired someone. Even after that was completed, I waited until last month to call Arrow again. It's very easy to procrastinate when the benefit is keeping several thousand dollars in the bank a little longer. Although their original proposal was only valid for 60 days, Arrow said they would still honor the price a year later. I had fully expected to pay an extra 5-10%, so I was thrilled. I mailed in a deposit, and Arrow called on Friday to let me know they would start on Monday. I prepared myself for a week of having workers wandering around the perimeter of our house.

The crew of four arrived at 7 AM. They were finished by 3:30 PM. After our previous tuckpointing experience, I couldn't believe this was a one-day project. On top of that, they replaced about ten more bricks than originally estimated but didn't try to jack up the price. Not only were they efficient, but they did an exceptional job. The work looks great, and the color of the mortar on the face brick matches very well. They left the site clean, and I still can't believe they knocked it out in less than a day. I'd wholeheartedly recommend Arrow Masonry to anyone. Too bad they don't do plastering, flat roof repair, bathroom remodeling, or any of the other things we still need to do. When your house is almost 90 years old, the work never ends.

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Tuckpointing Chicago said...

I'm glad to hear that you had such a good experience. The guys at Arrow Masonry and Exteriors are top notch.