Monday, September 10, 2007

The Week Ahead

Out of the blue, I recently started receiving e-mails from the Huffington Post again. I unsubscribed long ago, but what the heck, I'll give it a second chance. So far it's better than I remembered.

Marty Kaplan tells us what to expect from Bush's upcoming prime time speech about Iraq. The answer: "not much" if you're generous, "same shit, different day" if you're me. But this is my favorite part of the story:
This week is also, of course, the anniversary of 9/11. Republican presidential candidates can be counted on for a splendid dick-size tourney, which will be as consequential as any of the pious huffing and puffing we'll hear from the Hill. None of the candidates will brag of a wide stance, but several, no doubt, will boast of an admirably strong stream. Sensible Americans, except for the 20 percent or so who still constitute the Republican base, and except for the media who confuse covering the opinion of an extreme right-wing fringe with covering the issues of a presidential election, will sensibly ignore the adolescent tape-measure antics of the GOP field, just as they have already discounted the Frat-Boy-in-Chief's we're-kicking-ass-in-Iran delusions.
I'll bet we're going to hear loads of lies and half-truths from Rudy the Hero. I wonder if once again he'll claim he spent as much time at Ground Zero as the rescue workers did. After the New York Times determined that he only spent 29 hours there between September 17 and December 16, figured out that he spent 33 hours at Yankees games between October 10 and November 4 (and that's comparing a 3-month period with a 1-month period). I'll bet most of the poor bastards who got respiratory diseases at Ground Zero (one study says 70% had such problems) didn't get to attend any Yankees games that year.

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