Tuesday, September 18, 2007

News Items

  • The Edens Expressway will be the next big IDOT project. This isn't really new news, but construction is starting later this month. In a prime example of how "interactive" Web sites just show us how stupid people are, the Tribune's forum page for this story has people complaining about Edens construction coinciding with Dan Ryan construction. The two expressways go in opposite directions, so neither is an "alternate route" of the other. And since the Dan Ryan is under construction, through traffic is already avoiding I-94, so this is actually the best time for Edens construction.
  • Hey, look who's running for president -- our favorite senatorial loser, Alan Keyes! Call him the "bad penny candidate." Too bad the chances of an Obama-Keyes rematch in 2008 are next to nothing.
  • I am officially out of touch with Major League Baseball. Jim Thome hit his 500th home run Sunday, and I've never even heard of the guy before. Regardless, a game-winning shot was a pretty cool way to get number 500.
  • Speaking of baseball, Tribune Company executives must be especially excited to see the Cubs in first place this year. A post-season appearance would make the franchise even more valuable when it goes up for sale this winter.

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