Monday, September 03, 2007

My Most Popular Blog Entry

Most of my readers don't know it, but one of my old blog entries has generated an incredible number of comments. Since I get e-mailed every time a new comment is posted, I have been able to watch the comment count rise to 71 (!) over the past two years.

In May 2005, the Chicago Tribune carried a story about the guys who pass out advertising cards for escorts in a certain Nevada city*. I ranted about how I hate that city, particularly because of those guys. It isn't even a particularly good entry; I think it's written rather clumsily. But it struck a nerve with so many people who hate that place that it has become a minor Internet phenomenon (or at least as close as I'll ever get to having one). When you type "I hate ___ _____" into Google, it's one of the first sites listed. The comments are depressing -- so many desperate, miserable people who would do anything to get out. There are very few positive comments to counterbalance the utter despair.

UPDATE 12/12/2009 - Now that particular blog entry has 247 comments, probably more than all my other posts put together!

* I'm not naming the city because I don't want to draw the search engines away from the original blog entry.


Ian said...

Dave, don't recall reading your blog on "that city" before but having just been there as the stop over place and flight to for a National Park that was hosting an ultra marathon my friend did I can 100% agree with you. "That city" did nothing for me at all and the only way I'd go back is to use the airport to go back to the same National Park. Cheers

Anonymous said...

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