Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Million Ways To Die

Yesterday's blog entry about the woman who raced a train and lost brought to mind one of my greatest fears -- that I'll die while doing something incredibly stupid, and people will forever remember me as "that dumbass who tried to..."

This fear has probably saved my life a few times. I was doing something, I realized how dumb I would look if I died in the process, and then I backed off and did something less dangerous. I won't share any examples, so use your imagination ("I was at the gas station last night when the lights went out, so I reached for my lighter...").

If I do die in such a moronic manner, I can only hope my survivors will be kind enough to spruce up my obituary with evidence that at least I wasn't always that stupid. Still, it will be little consolation to have my summa cum laude honors mentioned right after my Darwin Award nomination.

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