Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lyrics of the Day

Here it is, the long-awaited conclusion of "Ex Week"...

Far be it from me to over-analyze -- actually, that was my specialty in those days -- but another song also seemed to sum up my relationship with the Metra babe (as my co-workers called her). Appropriately, the song is about a train wreck: "I Can't Remember"* by the Vigilantes of Love:

We were thrown into the snowbank,
Into this screamin' night;
I heard the splintering of bones,
cries of pain and fright.
We had laughed and shared a kiss,
mingled there our lives
doing 90 miles an hour, when our train hit the ice

But I can't remember --
what was I so excited about?
I can't remember --
why all the fuss & shout?
I can't remember --
Ah, the ember's goin' out.
I guess that's a logical step after recognizing I had taken everything too seriously. What was I so excited about?

"I Can't Remember" is from the third Vigilantes of Love album, Killing Floor. The album has been released twice, the second version adding three live tracks (the second and third Amazon items below include the extra tracks).

* A note for the purists: I transcribed the lyrics from the CD lyric sheet, which differ from the online lyrics at in punctuation and capitalization.

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