Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lyrics of the Day

"Ex Week" continues...

This one is about a woman I dated in college. One night I ended up at her apartment, which she shared with her older sister. Their father was a pot-smoking old hippie. He had been arrested recently after police found a large quantity of weed in his barn. The woman I was dating showed me a newspaper clipping, and her sister went to put a record on the stereo.

"Copperhead Road" is one of Steve Earle's most popular songs. And yet hearing Earle sing it never quite hits me the same way it did that night when those two daughters sang along in honor of their dad:

I volunteered for the Army on my birthday
They draft the white trash first,'round here anyway
I done two tours of duty in Vietnam
And I came home with a brand new plan
I take the seed from Colombia and Mexico
I plant it up the holler down Copperhead Road
Well the D.E.A.'s got a chopper in the air
I wake up screaming like I'm back over there
I learned a thing or two from ol' Charlie don't you know
You better stay away from Copperhead Road
I don't know how dad's court case turned out. The sing-a-long was my fondest memory from that relationship, at least until our paths crossed again years later, but that's another story...

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