Monday, September 10, 2007

Lyrics of the Day

Some lyrics are like poetry. You have to think to figure out what they are about. Today's lyric is the opposite; it's pretty darn obvious what's going on. "(I Can Tell) Your Love is Waning" is another Slobberbone song about a troubled relationship:*
There's a baby in the bedroom that doesn't know you're there
As you're lying in the bathtub with shampoo in your hair
And the radio is playing some fucked up country song
And sorta like us it's sad and sweet, but it won't last for long

'Cause I can tell your love is waning from the looks and smell of it,
Like getting caught behind a cattle truck and all you smell is shit
Getting caught behind a cattle truck and all you smell is shit
This song is from Crow Pot Pie, the band's first album. Brent Best's lyrics have grown more subtle on later releases, but the bluntness is what I love about this song. Unlike yesterday's "Live On In The Dark," this song does include a killing ("shampoo in your hair" becomes "blood all in your hair"), though whether it is real or imagined is open to interpretation (the song's last couple of lines imply that there's still hope).

* Readers should note that my choice of lyrics does not necessarily reflect anything going on in my personal life (and I will tell you when it does). I just enjoy dark music. My wife says my entire record collection is depressing, but I say, "No, it's not. What about Leonard Cohen?"

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