Sunday, September 09, 2007

Lyrics of the Day

Slobberbone was a band out of Denton, TX that made great music with little commercial success. Lead singer and songwriter Brent Best had a penchant for modern murder ballads -- he killed off dozens of characters in the band's four albums. That said, no one dies in "Live On In The Dark" from Slippage, their final album. It's about a stagnant or decaying relationship. To me personally, it's about lacking ambition, desire, and motivation (backstory deleted to spare you all):

So I just live on in the dark
I could drive but I just park
I just talk when I could sing
And now it doesn't mean a thing
I could bite, but I just bark
I could light but I just spark
I live on in the dark
A few years ago, Best took the core of Slobberbone, added a keyboardist, and named them the Drams. Their sound is a bit more radio-friendly (not that it has resulted in any airplay), and the lyrics are generally more upbeat.

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