Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kamikaze Squirrels

Those furry little bastards were out in force on the North Branch Trail this afternoon. I nearly ran over half a dozen, which wouldn't have been good for them or me. But it wouldn't have been as bad as hitting one of the four deer I saw grazing along the path.

I had a good but short ride. Everything that ached after 30 miles on the DPRT Monday felt fine today. The North Branch Trail is still closed for reconstruction between Beckwith Road and Golf Road -- the worst part of the old asphalt with buckles galore from tree roots. A sign said the section from Dempster Street (Linne Woods) to Beckwith was also closed, but I rode through and didn't encounter any construction. When that section is under construction, it will be very easy to bypass via Lehigh Avenue and Beckwith Road. By the way, I've pedaled the newly paved northern section of the trail, and it is sweeeeet.

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