Wednesday, September 05, 2007

First We Take Manhattan...

...then we take Berlin, as the Leonard Cohen song goes. I stumbled across two items related to Berlin and biking today.
  • When I logged into Blogger, this topped the list of Blogs of Note: Berlin to Copenhagen on Push Bikes. "Push bikes" is a term rarely heard in the United States meaning bikes that are human-powered as opposed to motorbikes. Anyway, this 12-day tour includes Germans, Aussies, a New Zealander, a black dog, and a tandem Bike Friday (same color as mine).
  • The bi-weekly Adventure Cycling Association e-newsletter "Bike Bits" mentions a Reuters story titled "Bike trail follows Berlin Wall route 46 years on." The article tells how quickly a right-of-way can be lost; since the wall was torn down in 1989, all sorts of obstacles have grown up in what used to be the "death strip" -- the place where defectors were gunned down or arrested. The 160-km (100-mile) route has about 30 signs describing historic landmarks. Less than 2 km of the wall remains along with only five of the 303 guard towers, and now some people are wishing they hadn't been so quick to destroy the thing.

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