Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Bastard of the Day

It's an encore appearance by crotchety, old Alderman Bernard Stone of Rogers Park. My least favorite newspaper in the world, the Pioneer Press News-Star (which I begrudgingly resubscribed to when they dropped the price to $5.99 -- after bitching to the telemarketer about what a crappy paper it is), reports this week that the Lincoln Village Theater is closing and that its owner is planning to donate the building to the Cheder Lubavitch Hebrew Day School (cheesily misspelled by the pathetically copyedited News-Star as Chedar) if he can't sell it. The article includes a quote from the bastard:
"(The theater building) is a good location for the school. It won't make me happy (to lose the tax revenue), but there are other potential sites for a real tax producer," Stone said.
Sure, it's a good location -- across the North Shore Channel (alas, the News-Star calls it the Chicago River) from the heavily Jewish neighborhood it would serve. Bernie, you bastard, wouldn't it be nice if those kids could use a bike path bridge to get over the channel instead of walking along busy Lincoln Avenue? Maybe you should have built that bridge instead of playing petty tyrant. While I'm at it, shame on the News-Star for completely missing this aspect of the story, not to mention getting half the facts wrong, as usual.

Note: Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich gets a runner-up award for emasculating the Complete Streets bill (SB 314), but I won't elevate him to bastardhood because I'm still hoping he'll sign HB 664, the property tax relief bill).

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