Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11 Conspiracy Article Misses The Point

Matt Eagan's Tribune article "9/11 myths still linger" misses a major point about the conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11. Putting aside the crackpot theories about remote control airplanes and cruise missiles (and the anti-conspiracy crowd always trots out those extreme examples to discredit their opponents), look at the political objectives pursued by Bush/Cheney nationally (PATRIOT Act) and worldwide ("war on terror," "axis of evil") after 9/11. If Bush didn't lean on 9/11 to justify the Iraq War and virtually every other failure of his presidency, then maybe Americans wouldn't be so willing to consider 9/11 conspiracy theories. As it stands, many people are suspicious of the government's account because the events of 9/11 were just a little too convenient for the Bush administration. When the scene is too perfect, you can't blame people for thinking it was staged.


Jennifer said...

Did you read the commentary Six Years Later?

And is six a magic number? It seems like people are making a bigger deal than usual this year.

David Johnsen said...

I think it's probably because the number of Americans who realize how badly Bush screwed up has reached a critical mass over the past year. More than ever, people are upset at the direction our nation took after that fateful day. He had a chance to set our nation straight, but instead he played right into the hands of our attackers. I think there also is added attention because Rudy Giuliani is running for president, and 9/11 is the only wobbly plank he has to stand on.