Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Who Blogs for the Bastard Polluters?

Today the EPA helpfully suggests seven ways Bastard Polluters could help the environment without changing their plans to dump toxins into Chicago's drinking water. Buried in the article is this disturbing nugget:
BP, which has taken out full-page newspaper advertisements and paid Internet bloggers to defend the permit, says it needs to discharge more pollution...
As a public relations tactic, paying bloggers to say nice things about your deadly discharge ranks lower than refinery sludge. I'd like to know who these spineless, pathetic, corporate-butt-kissing bloggers are, and not so I can shake their dirty hands.

I know pay-for-posting isn't new. But shilling for a product to generate "buzz" is relatively harmless; advocating the rape of our lake is entirely different. If BP wants to spread bullshit in its own blog, that's fine. But integrity-deficient "independent" bloggers who take cash to kiss ass deserve to rot in Hell.


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Anonymous said...

I regret having signed the petitions. BP is not dumping waste into the lake. And they followed the rules and regulations, also known as a process, that I personally fought to defend in a war not so long ago. If you do some investigation you will see that all the municipalities on the great lakes dump into the lake as you describe it. Chicago happens to dump into the Chicago River which dumps into the Mississippi. Oh yeah I learned everyone that fertilizes their lawns ... ammonia. Great grass. Lastly I learnd everytime a city expands including builds these huge condo complexes like the ones downtown they have to get an increase in their limits of ammonia and TSS... so all the expansion in Chicago... pollution... some will say hey that is necessary to create places for people to live. And what does BP make?? Cookies? It is called energy. I made a mistake and listened to an uninformed politician named Durbin. Shame on me. Next time I will pause before I join my friends who are chanting Save Our Lake while at the same time they go fertilize their lawn and flush their toilets.

Unpaid Citizen

David Johnsen said...

Steve R, you are making the same absurd leap in logic that Trib columnist Dennis Byrne did. Just because others pollute the lake does not mean we should let BP increase its pollution levels. The wrongs of everyone else don't make BP right. Ideally, we would reduce every polluter's discharges, so Indiana's decision is clearly a step in the wrong direction (also see Jennifer's rebuttal to Byrne). As for rules and regulations, Indiana decided to bend them for BP, acting unilaterally upon a resource shared with three other states. And BP already dumps more lead and mercury than the Clean Water Act dictates because they have an "exemption." If that's the "process," then the process is flawed. While I sincerely appreciate your service to this country, I hope you didn't fight for that.

By the way, don't give Durbin all the credit. The U.S. House -- which, of course, doesn't include Senator Durbin -- voted 387-26 to approve a resolution asking Indiana to reconsider its decision.