Friday, August 03, 2007

Lyrics of the Day

It's time for the thrilling conclusion of DBT Suicide Week!

All week I've been featuring Drive-By Truckers songs about suicide. For the grand finale, here are two Patterson Hood songs from the band's most recent release, A Blessing and a Curse. The title track is the second-to-last song:

When it all comes down
There'll be nothing left to catch you but ground
It's calling your name and filling your head
With delusions of glory

Is that how you're gonna write your story?
Down in your time as a high-flying flame out?
Sucking on what's left of your trust fund?
Sucking on the end of a shot gun?

Finally, that album and DBT Suicide Week finish with "A World of Hurt:"

I was 27 when I figured out that blowing my brains out wasn't the answer
So I decided, maybe I should find a way to make this world work out for me
And my good friend Paul was 83 when he told me that "To love is to feel pain"
And I thought about that then and I've thought about that again and again
From there, Hood continues in a conversational manner leading up to this:

So if what you have is working for you, or you think that it can stand a reasonable chance,
and whatever's broken seems fixable and nothing's beyond repair
If you still think about each other and smile before you remember how screwed up it's gotten
or maybe dream of a time less rotten
Remember, it ain't too late to take a deep breath
and throw yourself into it with everything you got

It's great to be alive.
Surprise! I'll bet you weren't expecting DBT Suicide Week to have a happy ending.

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