Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Lyrics of the Day

DBT Suicide Week continues!

Yesterday we saw the song Mike Cooley wrote in response to a friend's suicide. Today it's Patterson Hood's turn with "Do It Yourself," the next song on Decoration Day after "When the Pin Hits the Shell."

My Daddy called me on a Friday morning, so sad to tell me just what you’d done
You tried so hard to make us all hate you but in the end you was the only one
Sick, tired, pissed and wired, you never thought about anyone else.
You tried in vain to find something to kill you
in the end you had to do it yourself.
In contrast to Cooley's slow, brooding meditation, Hood's song is a straight-up rocker that belies the anger in the lyrics:

And it’s a sorry thing to do to your sweet sister
It’s a sorry thing to do to your little boy
It’s a sorry thing to do to the folks who love you
Your Mama and Daddy lost their only boy
Some should say I should cut you slack, but you worked so hard at unhappiness.
Living too hard just couldn’t kill you
In the end you had to do it yourself.
It's interesting to hear the two approaches. In the end, "When the Pin Hits the Shell" comes across as more poignant, but mostly because the music overshadows the words in "Do It Yourself." Sometimes I wonder if Hood paired these lyrics with straight-ahead rock because it was too painful to sing them any other way.

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