Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bastard of the Day

I called out the cheating bastard Barry Bonds 14 months ago when he surpassed Babe Ruth on the all-time home run list. Unfortunately it's time to do it again now that he's broken Hank Aaron's record. Everyone knows about the steroid controversy clouding the most productive years of Bonds' career, and most of us are pretty sure he's guilty. On top of that, Bonds is also the consummate sports prima donna and an all-around jerk. There couldn't be a worse ambassador for baseball. That he kept playing once exposed shows his true character; someone with any respect for the game would have retired rather than continue playing to achieve a record under such dubious circumstances.

For another reason to brand Bonds a cheater, read this.

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Samantha said...

I highly agree with you on Bonds and this steroid issue. Great article!