Monday, July 30, 2007

Lyrics of the Day

It's DBT Suicide Week! Suicide is a recurring theme or event in Drive-By Truckers songs, and I've been wanting to feature those songs for a while. Since I am honestly in a buoyant, non-suicidal mood this week, I figured this would be a good time.

"Lookout Mountain" is one of my favorite DBT songs and definitely my favorite DBT suicide song. Most of the band hails from northern Alabama, so Lookout Mountain southwest of Chattanooga is particularly iconic. The whole song is conjecture by the main character about how people would react, what would happen, and what difference it would make if he ended it all:

If I throw myself off Lookout Mountain
No more pain my soul to bare
No more worries about paying taxes
What to eat, what to wear
Who will end up with my records?
Who will end up with my tapes?
Who will pay my credit card bills?
Who's gonna pay for my mistakes?
DBT never uses a setlist, but "Lookout Mountain" is usually saved for the encores. Experienced fans will tell you, however, that it's sure to be a kick-ass concert when the band opens with "Lookout Mountain." It's an absolute scorcher with their three-guitar attack. The song was in their live show for years before it made it onto The Dirty South, which is still my candidate for album of the decade. It was first released on the live, out-of-print Alabama Ass Whuppin'. You can check out more than 250 DBT concerts for free at The Internet Archive.

Disclaimer: The author is not promoting nor suggesting suicide with these posts.

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