Friday, June 08, 2007

Living the "Freelance Lifestyle"

Beginning freelancers sometimes ask experienced writers, "When did you first know you were living the freelance lifestyle?" This week I finally had that "moment."

We were in Montana driving toward Lolo Pass when my business (cellular) phone rang. It was a longtime client who wanted me to rewrite a paragraph for a sales sheet (a page distributed to prospective retailers by a product manufacturer). I explained that I didn't have Internet access (I had my laptop but that night we were sleeping in the belly of a giant beagle in Idaho), but he said I could just dictate it to him since it was short. So that night I rewrote it, and the next morning I called him first thing with my changes. It took maybe 20 minutes, but I got to bill for a whole hour.

While some people might look at this as an invasion of private vacation time, I do not. The way I see it, our meals that day were paid by my client. Being 2,000 miles from home having fun and still making money is my idea of the freelance lifestyle. Ultimately, I would like to take extended vacations, funding them with freelance work along the way.

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