Friday, May 18, 2007

Dell Has a Great Idea

Maybe I'll have to reconside my boycott of Dell computers. The company is proposing multiple levels of technical support for customers ranging from "geeks to grandmas." I think Dell's idea should have been implemented a decade ago. There is such a range of knowledge among computer users that it doesn't make sense to treat everyone the same way.

I hate calling tech support and being asked if my computer is plugged in. Sheesh, I have a degree in computer science with ten years of IT development experience, which often makes me more qualified than the person at the other end of the line. I have to be in pretty deep before I even consider calling tech support. So when I do, I want the assistance of an expert, not inane queries about whether I remembered to turn on the monitor.

One wonders how they will determine which level of support to offer to a caller. I think there should be a quiz while the caller is on hold. First question: "How many e-mail messages have you forwarded to your entire address book in the past month?" If it's greater than five, you get granny support. At least that's how I'd identify my grandmother!

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JohnP@Dell said...

Hi David,

It may be a great idea but we'll know for sure if our customers tell us so! Please go to and cast your vote and/or share a comment. As a member of Dell's digital media team, we'd love to hear from you, and any grandma's you know, too.