Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Changing Face of Local Politics

What a week! First we lost Dorothy "The Hat" Tillman when she lost her run-off aldermanic election on Tuesday. Then last night Rosemont Mayor-for-Life Donald E. Stephens died. And this morning CTA whipping boy Frank Kruesi resigned.

Chicago's City Council probably won't change much, although Tillman was one of five incumbents swept out of office like cobwebs this week (alas Bernie "I deserve a raise" Stone was not among them). The CTA's much-maligned service isn't likely to improve immediately following Kruesi's departure, either. Our best hope from this week's news is that Rosemont's next mayor will change that hideous water tower design.
(Sorry the photo isn't better. I grabbed it from Rosemont's Web site. I'm afraid my camera might break if I try to photograph it myself.)

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