Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Worst News Site Writing Ever?

I omitted the lead from the previous story because it was poorly written. Then I read a few other stories from the KNXV-TV Phoenix Web site. I know I'm a stickler for this stuff, but even a casual reader would have to notice atrocities like this:
Hidden inside fire extinguishers, Border Patrol agents found as much as 80 pounds of methamphetamine Thursday.
Oh, how I love misplaced modifiers! I wonder how those Border Patrol agents managed to fit inside the fire extinguishers.

A story about the water supply begins, "More evidence that Arizona reminds gripped by drought." Not only did the writer use reminds instead of remains, but who starts a news story with a sentence fragment?

You might think I scoured the KNXV-TV site to find so many mistakes. Sadly, I only had to open five stories to find three bad leads. There is hope for this writer, though. He or she should check out this story about the podcasting "Grammar Girl."

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