Wednesday, March 07, 2007

How Was Your Valentine's Day?

I'll bet it was better than this Arizona man's:
Robert McDaniel, 43... says he met 24-year-old Tiffany Sutton about a month ago and the two got together on Valentine's Day. While undressing, she asked if he was interested in "kinky" sex and being tied up. McDaniel says he agreed and moments later, Sutton pulled out three knives with skulls on them and began slashing him... McDaniel paints a horrific picture of bleeding from his back, arms, stomach and thigh while being chased by Sutton, who was armed with a pickaxe. Minutes later, McDaniel says he passed out. "I came to a few seconds later in the fetal position on the floor and she was behind me drinking my blood, even though I continued to try and get up again," he said. "I would walk and pass out, and when I would wake up, she would be drinking these wounds from my back."
Now I'm thankful for all the Valentine's Days I spent alone!

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