Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thoughts On Anna Nicole Smith

I was never particularly fond of Anna Nicole Smith, but she seemed like an okay person deep down. Her weakness was that although she craved the spotlight, she had trouble living in it. I am a bit stunned by all the awful things people are saying on message boards in response to her death (by the way, from what I've read of her court papers, she wasn't the gold digger that many presume she was -- the old tycoon pursued her, proposing several times before she acquiesced).

Some deaths are especially sad because they are unexpected. But Smith's death saddens me because it did not surprise me. She always seemed like someone that fame -- and the media -- would eventually chew up and spit out.

No doubt her last few months were difficult. On top of her endless court battle, she gave birth to a daughter, lost a son, and endured manic coverage by the tabloids and entertainment news shows. Some people are better equipped to deal with stress than others, and Smith's recent behavior showed that she wasn't coping well. Whatever tomorrow's autopsy reveals, whether deliberate or accidental, self-inflicted or foul play, the true cause of death is most likely "celebrity" with all its trappings.

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