Thursday, September 07, 2006

Why Can't We Celebrate This Here?

Fayreform, an Australian lingerie brand, is celebrating the 2nd annual National Breast Pride Week in the United Kingdom (Australia and New Zealand each had their own weeks last month):

Created to be an intelligent celebration of big boobs and to encourage women with fuller cups to wear their breasts with pride, Fayreform National Breast Pride Week is set to get the nation’s women talking about their breasts!
Why not -- I'm sure the nation's men already are! Next check out this press release (PDF) titled "The 2006 Fayreform Breast Report:"
The survey, which delves into how British women feel about their breasts, reveals that over ¾ of UK women are proud of and comfortable with their breasts and that 67% of bigger busted women stand proud when walking into a room of strangers to show off their assets. Emma Chapman, Fayreform Braologist™, comments: “It is really fantastic to know that the majority of British women are proud of their breasts – that is after all what Fayreform National Breast Pride Week is all about. It is such a positive statistic – I am not sure there would be such an overwhelming response for any other body part – we’re never that happy with our bottoms, legs or stomachs! This just proves breasts are best!”
I don't know about that last point -- I've always been rather partial to "bottoms" myself (is there a National Booty Pride Week?). For more titillation, read the Fayreform Boob Bible (9 MB PDF). This helpful publication includes topics like "Bra Etiquette," "History Of The Bra," and "How to get the best from your breasts."

We can only hope Fayreform brings the festivities Stateside one of these years...


Chris said...

Of course, our Puritan roots would never allow it ... and besides, Europeans (not sure about those Aussies, but you never know) seem to know how to do bras better -- they are much more flattering to the wearer than those in the States!

David Johnsen said...

You do realize this is just a marketing campaign, don't you? It's not as if Tony Blair or Parliament declared it. I don't see how our "Puritan roots" would stop such an effort. A certain segment of the population might protest (free publicity), but obviously those people wouldn't be the target market anyway.

Thanks for giving me one good reason to go to Europe before I go blind.

One last thought: what I really don't want to see is National Man-Boob Pride Week!