Friday, September 22, 2006

Those Nutty Copywriters

Check out this advertisement for Vagisil from a recent Sunday coupon section:
Yeast infection itch?
It can take days to cure the infection.
But, with Vagisil...
...just minutes to relieve the itch.
Anytime. Anywhere.
Anytime? Anywhere? You're on a crowded bus. The woman next to you whips out a tube of Vagisil, squirts some on her finger, and plunges it you-know-where. You're in a business meeting. A colleague casually removes the packaging from a Vagisil anti-itch wipe and shoves her hand into her slacks. You're watching the WNBA. A player stops at midcourt and... Clearly this isn't the type of product that women are going to use without regard to their surroundings. I mean, it's not like taking a cough drop. What was the copywriter thinking?

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