Friday, September 08, 2006

Newspaper Outsourcing Revisited

Last January, I debated Eric Zorn here about newspaper outsourcing. I started out just rattling his cage, insisting that journalists should have the same anxieties about being outsourced that so many others do. His reply developed into an interesting discussion. But this entry isn't about outsourcing content; it's about outsourcing telemarketing, which almost every major business does nowadays.

This afternoon I got a phone call. Caller ID said it was "Strategic Mktg" from the 623 area code, which is in Arizona. Usually I let the machine take those calls, but I was bored so I answered.

"Hello, this is Greg from the Chicago Tribune."

"Okay..." I replied, wondering why they would be calling since I already subscribe.

"Uh, the Chicago Sun-Times, I'm calling from the Chicago Sun-Times."

Oops! When companies outsource, I'll bet they don't expect telemarketers to drop the names of their competitors!

On the bright side, he politely ended the conversation when I said I wasn't interested -- most telemarketers rudely hang up. Plus I got a good chuckle (and a blog entry) out of his faux pas.

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