Friday, September 29, 2006

Lyrics of the Day

I guess this is week-old news, but I just found out:
Singer and songwriter James McMurtry took home album of the year and song of the year honors, and veteran rocker Neil Young was named artist of the year Friday at the fifth annual Americana Honors and Awards... McMurtry, 44, won album of the year for Childish Things and song of the year for "We Can't Make It Here Anymore," a pointed commentary on the economy, war and other issues.
I've been a James McMurtry fan since his 1989 debut, Too Long In The Wasteland. In his honor, today's lyrics are from "We Can't Make It Here Anymore." The seven-minute song builds from seething anger to outrage. These words are toward the end:
Should I hate a people for the shade of their skin
Or the shape of their eyes or the shape I'm in
Should I hate 'em for having our jobs today
No I hate the men sent the jobs away
I can see them all now, they haunt my dreams
All lily white and squeaky clean
They've never known want, they'll never know need
Their shit don't stink and their kids won't bleed
Their kids won't bleed in the damn little war
And we can't make it here anymore

Will work for food, will die for oil
Will kill for power and to us the spoils
The billionaires get to pay less tax
The working poor get to fall through the cracks
Let 'em eat jellybeans, let 'em eat cake
Let 'em eat shit, whatever it takes
They can join the Air Force, or join the Corps
If they can't make it here anymore
Congratulations to McMurtry and Young, as well as the duo/group of the year, another favorite of mine, the Drive-By Truckers.

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