Thursday, September 28, 2006

Life In The Fast Lane

Last night I was looking at EarthLink's Web site and noticed that they now offer 6.0Mbps DSL. I also saw that their regular monthly rate for my current service, 3.0Mbps DSL, is $34.95-$44.95. This came as a disturbing surprise since I have been paying $49.95. (Perhaps they just recently lowered the price and my next invoice would automatically reflect that, but somehow I doubt it.)

I called EarthLink today planning to ask first whether 6.0Mbps service is available here and second why I am paying $5 more than their Web site says I should for my current service. For once, I was pleased with the results of a call to customer service. Not only is 6.0Mbps DSL available in my area, but it's only $39.95. Finally, I don't have to listen to people with cable carry on about how their service is sooo much faster than DSL, and I still don't have to subscribe to cable TV. I didn't bother to compare that price with other providers, but it doesn't really matter since I don't want to change my e-mail addresses. So in three to five business days, I should have double the speed for ten bucks less per month!

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