Saturday, September 02, 2006

Bastard of the Day

Our replacement mail carrier wins today's award. When our regular mail carrier goes on vacation, we get our mail late, around 7 PM. I can accept that, and I haven't complained about it for the past two weeks unlike my wife, who lives for catalogs and magazines. In fact, I rarely kvetch about the U.S. Postal Service except when I have to wait in line for 25 minutes to mail a package. All things considered, it's a pretty good value to be able to send a letter from here to California for only 39 cents.

But for two Saturdays in a row, the stupid bastard has left behind my Netflix return envelopes. There's just no excuse for that. I do my part, leaving them sticking prominently out of the mailbox. And it isn't like a Netflix envelope (in eye-catching red!) is an unusual sight for a postal carrier; the USPS must make millions carting those things back and forth. Last week he or she mixed it with our new mail, and this week the idiot left it hanging out of the mailbox lid despite lifting the lid to put in our new mail! How freaking incompetent can a mail carrier be? It's not rocket science -- take the outgoing mail out of the box and put the incoming mail in the box. Maybe if the weather was dreadful, I could forgive this person, but today was one of the most beautiful days of the year. I intended to write about this bastard last Saturday, but I decided not to since anyone can make a mistake. But two weeks in a row is pure incompetence.

In other Netflix news, the DVD that I was supposed to receive on Tuesday finally arrived today. That's also the postal service's fault because Netflix shipped it on Monday. There's no reason for something mailed from Chicago to take five days to deliver to a customer in Chicago. I could view several more DVDs a month if the USPS didn't screw around with my mail so much (keep in mind that I pay Netflix a flat fee regardless of how many discs I get to watch). If Netflix didn't have a PO box, I could just go there and pick up the DVDs myself (which is precisely why they do have a PO box -- to avoid having people like me show up constantly).

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