Monday, August 14, 2006

Lyrics of the Day

I've been listening to a lot of bootlegs from the current Ween tour, and I'm becoming a fan. Today's lyrics are from my favorite song at the moment:
Sancho brought a message from the Fat Man
"Sorry, boy, to leave you high and dry,
but I went to see my mom in Ensenada,
and I left a little something to help the time go by
Just a little something to help to keep you high"

Bananas & blow (oh - oh), bananas & blow
Stuck in my cabana, living on bananas & blow
"Bananas & Blow" has been going through my head constantly on bike rides this week. It has a catchy, calypso sort of rhythm, and the mental image of a guy sitting around eating bananas and snorting coke is just absurdly funny to me.

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