Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Happier Anniversary

Today is the second anniversary of the DJWriter blog. Like many bloggers, I started because I needed a creative outlet from a job that made me miserable (let's not talk about how many billable hours I may have spent blogging -- probably no more than I would have spent socializing if I'd had more friends at work). Now that writing is my job, this blog has become a way to distill my thoughts, share my experiences, and occasionally pontificate. It's been mostly fun, though I have had a few irritating encounters with disgruntled readers. Along the way, this blog has shifted focus many times, which perhaps means it has no focus at all. Most recently, it has been a diary of my summer book tour. Even I don't know what's next, so stay tuned...

Coincidentally, two of the very few blogs I follow regularly also have August anniversaries. Eric Zorn preceded me by a year, and Jen Garrett has been blogging 2.5 times as long as I have. So happy anniversary to them, too.

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