Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bastard of the Day

Today's bastard is Michael L. Jackson, truly a despicable person. A jury convicted Jackson of second-degree murder yesterday for repeatedly running over a cab driver in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood after a fare dispute. To be honest, I was just waiting for a verdict to give him this "honor" (I started BotD long after he committed his crime).

Jackson is such a bastard, let's enumerate the reasons...
  1. He killed a cab driver in a dispute over an $8 fare that he felt was $4 too high.
  2. He ran over the cabbie three times.
  3. His defense called witnesses to portray the victim as an asshole. If being an asshole qualified a person to be run over, there would be several inches of dried blood caked on my wheel wells. And I probably wouldn't be here to write this anyway.
  4. His defense also argued that Jackson just "attempted to flee the scene" and had to use the taxi to do so. I still haven't figured out how that explains the second and third times he ran over the cabbie.
  5. Although he hasn't been tried for it, Jackson was charged with reckless assault for allegedly spewing his HIV-infected spit at a nurse in a Downers Grove hospital several months after the cabbie incident.
  6. He has also been charged with reckless conduct for allegedly having sex with DuPage County Jail inmates without telling them he is HIV positive.

Sentencing is September 19. The defense wants the judge to consider Jackson's philanthropic activity. But how much philanthropy does it take to make up for murdering someone? And if Jackson is such a swell guy, why are those other charges pending from subsequent incidents? Let's hope they put this bastard away for the maximum of twenty years. That isn't nearly enough for such a heinous and wantonly committed crime; he could be out in ten years with good behavior. Then again, fellow inmates have ways of handling bastards like Jackson.

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