Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bastard of the Day

Shed a tear for poor Joe Lieberman, the ousted Connecticut Democrat. It's hard to believe this DINO (Democrat In Name Only) was actually a vice presidential candidate six years ago. I hated Lieberman then for maintaining his Senate seat -- holy Joe, often called the most religious senator but more accurately the most sanctimonious, didn't have enough faith in the Gore/Lieberman ticket to give up his Senate seat. Sure I'll be your VP, Al, as long as I don't have to put anything on the line. That hedge alone demonstrates his bastardhood. And while Al Gore has spent the intervening years rededicating himself to progressive values and causes, Lieberman has aligned himself more and more with Senate Republicans. When he took such a ferocious pro-war stance that some tipped him to be Donald Rumsfeld's successor, Connecticut Democrats decided they were sick of his DINO routine.

Yesterday Lieberman lost the Democratic primary to Ned Lamont despite having name recognition and a huge war chest (Joe has served his corporate backers well). But instead of accepting defeat graciously -- dare I say democratically -- he has decided to finally turn away from the party he failed to represent and run as an independent.
"The old politics of partisan polarization won today," Lieberman told supporters in a hotel ballroom in Hartford, Conn. "For the sake of our state, our country and my party, I cannot and will not let that result stand."
I hope you're wearing hip waders because pious Joe is piling it pretty deep. Partisan polarization? If 80% of Democrats (60% of Americans) oppose the war in Iraq, then which candidate best represents their views? Certainly not Lieberman. Lieberman describes partisan polarization as "old politics;" I suppose he thinks obsequious fealty to the opposition party is "new politics." Clearly, Connecticut Democrats have had enough of sycophant Joe.

And how can Lieberman say he is doing this for the sake of his party? He lost his party's primary fair and square, but it's in his party's interest for him to run as an independent? It's about time he started thinking about the Democratic Party, but his logic is plainly flawed. This strategy is much more likely to split the Democratic vote and hand the seat to a Republican than to result in a Lieberman victory.

Personally, I favor tossing out the fat and happy incumbents at every opportunity. Aside from completely dissolving both parties and starting over, that's the only way anything is going to change in Washington. It's appropriate that Bush-backing bastard Lieberman's head is the first to roll.

For more on Lieberman, I recommend David Sirota's commentary.

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