Friday, August 25, 2006

Am I the Odd One?

I recently discussed two topics with family members who handle them differently:

Wedding rings - My wife has lost her wedding ring, though she is certain it is somewhere in the house. My mom and my brother both reacted the same way, wondering why she would take it off. They even sleep with their rings on. I, on the other hand, always take off my wedding ring -- when I get home, the ring comes off when I take off my watch and empty my pockets. It never occurred to me to keep it on all the time. So, am I the odd one here? Do most people wear their wedding rings 24-7-365?

Frozen pizza - My brother was complaining about a brand of frozen pizza that doesn't include a piece of cardboard. He puts the pizza on the cardboard after it's baked. This seems strange to me. I always use a pizza pan, a housewarming gift that I got when I moved into my first apartment twelve years ago (from my mom's sisters and their husbands, if I remember correctly). My brother also has a pizza pan, but he doesn't want to get it dirty. I just throw the cardboard away; I thought it was meant to keep the pizza from bending and breaking in transit or in the freezer. Isn't that why most boxed frozen pizzas don't have cardboard but most shrink-wrapped pizzas do? Pizza joints use cardboard for carryout and delivery, but they use pans for those who dine at the restaurant. Again, am I the odd one here? Do most people use their frozen pizza cardboard as a serving dish after baking?

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Dan said...

Since you asked . . .

I don't routinely take off my ring, but I try not to wear it when I'm swimming, doing heavy work, etc. I'd guess most people generally leave their ring on except for certain activities.

As for cardboard, it's very simple: the more contact hot pizza has with cardboard, the more it tastes like cardboard. I think your brother's the oddball on this one, not you.

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