Monday, July 24, 2006

Unhappy Anniversary

It was one year ago today that our dog Teddy got sick. It's somewhat arbitrary since he probably was sick for some time before the symptoms became obvious, but this was the day my wife rushed him to the emergency vet. It's also the day I drove home from Fulton in the middle of the night, not knowing whether I'd get to see him alive again. He made it through the night, but it was the beginning of a torturous month for all of us, probably the worst month in my life. As he struggled against auto-immune disease, our spirits rose and fell depending on Teddy's hematocrit level. People not so attached to dogs would likely advise me to "just get over it" already. But that's not going to happen yet, not today.

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Samantha said...

Those people who say to "get over it" are idiots. Teddy was like a kid to you and it's like losing your kid. I have sad news today. Buffy (my first dog in our family) was put down today. I'll write about her in my blog today.