Friday, July 21, 2006

The Burning Question

After Floyd Landis' startling comeback performance in the Tour de France yesterday, he told reporters that he drank a beer the night before. Today VeloNews' Patrick O'Grady asks the burning question that every cyclist wants to know... What brand did Landis drink that made him ride like that?!? Heck, I want to know, and I don't even drink beer. O'Grady starts out by evaluating the VeloNews reporters on the scene:
This is what happens when a magazine sends amateur tipplers to cover a sporting contest of this magnitude. John Wilcockson may have written up 39 Tours de France, but I'll bet you a case of Deschutes Brewery's Twilight Ale that I can drink that skinny Limey under the table without even getting up to take a leak. And I certainly expected more from Rupert Guinness, who in addition to being named after an Irish beer is an Aussie - on the rare occasions when one of those guys gets hurt badly enough to bleed, the stuff tests out at 8 percent alcohol, and comes complete with a foamy head.
My dad isn't a big cycling fan, but I know he would have asked what beer Landis drank. Then O'Grady notes all the times Landis mentioned beer in interviews without once being pressed to name the brand. He takes a few guesses, but ultimately the question is left unanswered. Maybe someone will ask Landis when he appears at Village CycleSport on August 11, prior to the Tour of Elk Grove criterium. By the way, it's worth clicking on O'Grady's article just to see the illustration. It looks like Team Phonak has a new leader.

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