Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bastard of the Day

Today's award goes to the two women who bagged my groceries at Jewel on Ashland Avenue this afternoon. By the way, does the overnight cashier who does his/her own bagging know there are daytime cashiers who get two baggers? That's just not right.

I buy a lot of 2-liter bottles of pop because I drink Diet Rite like water (which will probably knock ten years off my life for some reason that hasn't been discovered yet). When Jewel has a "10 for $10" sale, I take it literally and stack ten bottles in my cart. Even when there isn't a "10 for $10" sale, I always buy my bottles in pairs. This is convenient for baggers who always bag them in pairs. Sometimes they double-bag, sometimes not, but they always put two bottles in a bag... and nothing else. When I get home, I don't even bother unpacking these bags of bottles; I just set them aside and empty them only when I need to refill the refrigerator.

Well, apparently the baggers I had today were not privy to this practice regarding 2-liter bottles. Tonight while I was stacking some newspapers, I noticed something in a Jewel bag with my two 2-liter bottles... two packages of shredded cheese. Why? I bought $136 worth of groceries today, so surely there was room in some other bag for my cheese. Besides, isn't it standard procedure to bag refrigerated items together, not mixed with something at room temperature?

Since the packages were unopened and only sat out for six hours, the odds are good that I don't have to throw them away (if this blog stops within the next few weeks, you'll know it was the cheese that did me in). But what if I hadn't noticed them in that bag tonight? Sometime next week I would grab a bottle of Diet Rite and find the cheese. I'd probably go back to Jewel and make a scene, forcing the store manager to give me a refund or call the police. The latter would be a poor choice since I'd have my wife waiting outside in her uniform, ready to walk in and tell the manager to give me my money back (don't worry, there are plenty of other Jewels nearby where I could shop after being shamed out of the Ashland store).

One may say that since there were two baggers, one of them might have been in training. But I've never been trained and I know how to do it, so that's no excuse. Next time I'll have to keep an eye on those bastard baggers. Better yet, I'll just do all of my shopping late at night. The poor cashier is overworked, but at least he/she knows how to bag my bottles.


Chris said...

Take your own bags, save a landfill! (Or at least please tell me you return the bags to Jewell every once in a while?

David Johnsen said...

We have a dog, remember? Those bags get put to good use, and Jewel wouldn't want them back!