Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Are These Facts Related?

Pro cyclist Jörg Ludewig is being investigated for writing a letter inquiring about performance-enhancing drugs eight years ago. Yes, that was a long time ago, but the sport is particularly sensitive about these matters right now. He issued a statement today:
The year 1998 was a difficult year for me: I had private problems (including breaking up with my girlfriend) and in addition I had various severe health problems to overcome (such as mononucleosis and a chlamydia infection).
Upon reading this, one must wonder... Did he break up with his girlfriend after catching chlamydia from her? Did she break up with him after he contracted chlamydia from someone else? Ludewig invites such speculation by oversharing in his statement. He could have left out the STD entirely. Mono is a bad enough health problem; we don't need to hear about your nether regions. Unless you have saddle sores, I suppose -- at least that has something to do with cycling.

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