Sunday, June 11, 2006

Pioneering Snobs Shake Loose Aurora Albatross

Prestbury, located along Illinois 56 west of Aurora, was probably the first obnoxiously upscale subdivision in the Aurora area when it was created about 30 years ago. They have private streets to keep out the unwashed masses. Signs along the recreational Virgil L. Gilman Trail warn passers-by that the adjacent parks are not for hoi polloi.

The elitist residents were surely chafed that their mailing address for all those years was Aurora, a city associated with gang violence and shuttered factories. Their prayers were answered this weekend when the subdivision's mail delivery was shifted from Aurora to Sugar Grove, a quiet but growing town to the west.
Proponents of the plan argued that losing the Aurora address would significantly lower residents' auto insurance rates and possibly increase their home values. Opponents said the change would be more hassle than it was worth and would send a message that Prestbury residents were snobs who didn't want to be associated with Aurora's blue-collar reputation.
Yes, I'm sure those Prestburians were having a hard time paying for car insurance for their BMWs. Boo hoo. I agree with the opponents' viewpoint. And since I used to live nearby, I know it's true.

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