Thursday, June 15, 2006

My First Television Interview

The Biking Illinois media juggernaut continues...

I'm glad my morning signing went so well because the lunchtime event at the Midwest Writing Center (MWC) was underwhelming. Only a handful of people showed up, most of them affiliated with the MWC. Although we had an interesting discussion about trails, I only sold one book. Damn. Looks like I'll be lugging a couple of boxes back home. Of course, it didn't exactly help when Bob Morgan (Biking Iowa) announced that our books are much cheaper at I wanted to slap him! Sure they are, but I can make a whole lot more money selling a book myself than I can from a royalty! I wonder if he'll have the nerve to say that at Borders tonight...

Bob and I ate lunch together afterward. I was disappointed with the adjective in my meal. It said "baked ham and swiss cheese sandwich." I thought the sandwich was baked so it would be warm and the cheese would be melted, but no, only the ham was baked. Oh well, for a plain old deli sandwich, it was pretty good.

Bob followed me to the WQPT studios on the campus of Black Hawk College in Moline. Perspective host Susan McPeters interviewed us for half an hour about our books. Bob clearly has more TV experience, plus he's a real talker. It was hard to get a word in, although McPeters managed to direct some questions to me. Not that I deserved the air time -- I'm a lousy speaker anyway. At least I had answers for her questions, even if I didn't elucidate very well. The time passed quickly, mercifully. I'm sure I sucked, but I'm also pretty sure I wasn't as awful as I think I was. If you live in the Quad Cities, you can find out for yourself next weekend -- the episode debuts on my mom's birthday, June 23. Or you could even buy a copy of the show, but I'd rather sell you a book.

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