Monday, June 19, 2006

Lyrics of the Day

I've been meaning to write about these lyrics for a long time. They have always struck me as hilarious. From Ozzy Osbourne's first solo album, Blizzard of Ozz (1980), "I Don't Know:"

People look to me and say
Is the end near, when is the final day?
What's the future of mankind?
How do I know, I got left behind

Everyone goes through changes
Looking to find the truth
Don't look at me for answers
Don't ask me -- I don't know

Whenever I hear this song, I wonder, Who is so messed up that he or she would be asking Ozzy for the answers to life's big questions?!?!? Okay, so he did some good songs with Black Sabbath, and he wasn't as nutty in 1980 as he is today, but still...

I want to meet the person who inspired the Ozz Man to write this song. Or maybe I don't.

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