Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Irony

I received this e-mail today:
We are the team of young, initiative and vigorous people. We would like to devote ourselves to the struggle against spam-technologies. We are going to develop a unique self-learning program complex, based on the technology of AI neural algorithms, intended for the purposes of struggle against spam. However we do not have enough money to rent an office, buy the necessary equipment, laptops, personal computers, servers, the necessary software, to hire employees. We ask you to help us to start our struggle against a spam. You can donate some money for our basic needs on our accounts: (account info deleted).
Wow, imagine these young, vigorous people wanting to devote themselves to fighting unsolicited commercial e-mails. And of course, sending an unsolicited e-mail requesting money is exactly the way to get started. Nice try, guys. Next time say you're Nigerian.

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