Sunday, June 25, 2006

Bastard of the Day

According to an interview in the French sports newspaper L'Equipe, Greg LeMond, America's first Tour de France champion, has been "threatened" by Lance Armstrong, America's latest Tour de France champion. The two have been doing this crap for years. First LeMond makes vague accusations about Armstrong being chemically enhanced that sound like sour grapes from a diminished champion (not only has Armstrong won more Tours, but of course he is much more popular than LeMond ever was). Then Armstrong tells him to shut his mouth, sounding more like a pro wrestler than a pro cyclist. This exchange has played out several times over the last five years or so. LeMond is the conspiratorial whisperer, then Lance is the bully, then LeMond is the crybaby.

Enough already! Both were great Tour champions. Both overcame adversity (LeMond was shot in a hunting accident, and everyone knows Armstrong's story). And guess what? Now that Armstrong has retired, both are irrelevant has-beens as far as pro cycling goes. Their rivalry won't improve either of their legacies. For unsportsmanlike conduct and trash talk ad nauseum, Greg LeMond and Lance Armstrong are Co-Bastards of the Day.

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