Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bastard of the Day

Today's bastard is Ann Coulter, for all the usual reasons. She has just published another ridiculous screed of anti-left tripe, which she is promoting on TV. To say her writing is filled with half-truths would be far too generous. Although a few conservatives have wisely distanced themselves from her over the years, an amazing number support and defend her insipid statements.

When Lou Dobbs recently called her "the opposite of Michael Moore," Coulter had the audacity to respond
I think I am the right-wing [H.L.] Mencken, the right-wing Mark Twain. I am not the right-wing Michael Moore.
Personally, I think comparing her to Michael Moore is rather complimentary -- at least Moore's films provoke thought and conversation, whereas Coulter's rants on paper and television are simply shrill attacks that leave no room for debate. But Mencken or Twain? Coulter lacks the wit, nuance, and insight of either legendary social commentator. Those men were adept at observing our culture and reflecting our absurdities back to us, but Coulter just spouts the standard party line, relying on the occasional bluntly offensive statement to draw attention to herself. And unlike Mencken or Twain, she will be scarcely remembered, much less oft-quoted, after she is gone.

Coulter has alleged in the past that liberals want to rape her. Don't flatter yourself, dear. We may want to see you bound and gagged, but only so we don't have to listen to you anymore.

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