Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My Least Favorite Blog Comment

I haven't received this one personally, but from the many blogs I have read, this is my least favorite type of reader comment:
With ____, _____, and _____ going on in the world, why would anyone care about this?
Or something along those lines. Random commenter, if all those bad things are going on, why are you sitting there reading blogs when you could be out saving the world? I mean, really. And more important to me, as a reader, is why are you wasting everyone's time with a comment that contributes nothing to the discussion? In fact, I'll go on the record: if anyone posts a stupid comment like the one above to my blog, I'll just delete it instead of wasting my readers' time (unless it's really funny).

Let me answer the rhetorical question posed by the random commenter above. There may be an AIDS epidemic in Africa, a war in Iraq, genocide in Darfur, and hemorrhoidal itching in the White House, but the odds are pretty good that the author or subject of the blog entry really can't do a damn thing about any of them (I'm way too cynical for that "change the world" stuff). If a guy figures the best he can do to influence anything is to wear a T-shirt encouraging pitchers to walk Barry Bonds to thwart his drive for a steroid-enhanced home run record, then good for him. There is more to life than tragedy. Drop the self-righteous indignation and enjoy it a little.

A logical exception is when the blog's author or subject can do something about those big problems. So if President Bush is playing a guitar while New Orleans drowns, feel free to make comments similar to the one above.

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