Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bastard of the Day

Alderman Bernard Stone of Chicago's 50th Ward was already on my list for refusing to build a bridge for a bicycle path last year. The money was available, but he didn't use it. The funds were restricted, so he couldn't do anything else with the money. He just left it on the table to spite pedestrians and bicyclists, forcing them to cross the North Shore Channel on a narrow sidewalk beside a busy street instead. That alone makes him a bastard.

But yesterday, Stone had the gall to call for a $20,000 pay hike for aldermen over the next five years. But before you think, Oh, those poor, overworked aldermen must be so underpaid, consider that the current salary is $98,125 for what is officially a part-time job.
"I think we deserve it," asserted Stone, who was first elected in 1973. "At least I know I deserve it ... I think my constituents think I am entitled to it."
Stone is a career politician -- he's been an alderman since I turned three years old. Unsurprisingly, all those years in the City Council haven't taught him a lick about humility. What Stone deserves is to have his self-important ass tossed out of office. Shame on all you voters in Rogers Park who keep re-electing this putz, especially if you agree that he is "entitled" to a 20% pay raise.

My alderman, Gene Schulter, knows how ridiculous his salary has become. That's why he has refused several pay increases, drawing $82,000 instead of $98,125. That begs the question, Why does Bernie Stone need so much money? It doesn't cost $118,000 a year to live in Rogers Park. Conspiracy theorists, please comment...


M said...

My Guess: He's saving towards a nice condo in FL, where he will retire on his generous pension, funded by Chicago taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Arizona. He's spending a lot of time in Arizona.

But the money's not for him. He's just looking out for his daughter, who he will annoint to fill his City Council seat when he resigns after he wins re-election. It's a done deal!

Rachel said...

He needs it to take all his old fogey friends to What's Cookin restaurant.

THere's a pretty good candidate running against him this year named Greg Brewer.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm trying to learn more about Stone's property in Arizona. Does anyone know anything more about it? Thanks!