Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sorry, Chuck

I may have to rethink my feelings about corporate prostitute Gale Norton's performance as Secretary of the Interior. Sure, she allowed and indeed facilitated an awful lot of damage to federal lands under her stewardship, but at least she made the right call about Soldier Field's national historic landmark status -- she revoked it. Chicago Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin's delight is palpable in his article about the decision, a clear vindication of his opinion. Mayor Daley never should have allowed this misguided project to go forward, but instead he supported it wholeheartedly. The end result is, in Kamin's words, like "Starship Enterprise crash-landed atop the Parthenon."

I have a friend named Chuck who worked as an architect on the Soldier Field desecration project (incidentally, he used to like Kamin until he started criticizing the new Soldier Field). Thus far I have been polite whenever the topic has come up in conversation. But right now, I'm going to let him have it:
I know you were just following orders and working within the parameters you were given, but damn, that is one ugly stadium. I'm sure it is a pleasantly modern environment for the fans inside, but everyone who passes that place is either appalled by its clash of styles or simply depressed by the memory of the original.
The mistake by the lake, the eyesore on the lake shore, a spoiled memorial to those who died in the Great War. Sorry, Chuck.

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